9055-1425 Quebec Inc.

10330 Pelletier Ave, Montreal, Quebec, Canada  H1H 3R3
Telephone: 1-514-323-2015 
  Fax: 1-514-323-8122   E-mail: cte@cteqc.com  
 Website: www.cteqc.com


Technology and Skills

Our experienced toolmakers combine exceptional Old World craftsmanship with modern machining and polishing technology. Our extensive background knowledge in cable extrusion tooling, jigs fixture and machining can support your tool design process. With a combination of computer-controlled machining, conventional machining, and expert work with precision hand tools, we can meet your most stringent specifications.

Our facility has a full range of technologies available:

  • CAD system tool design
  • CNC lathe machining
  • CNC milling 
  • EDM wire cutting
    and sinking
  • Cylindrical and
    surface grinding
  • Conventional machining

      Hardinge CNC lathe



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