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Telephone: 1-514-323-2015 
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 Website: www.cteqc.com

Canadian Tool has a long history of quality workmanship and an established reputation for machining high-precision extrusion tools.

Our experienced toolmakers combine exceptional Old World craftsmanship with modern machining and polishing technology. They will manufacture your order to the tightest tolerances and to the most exacting specifications.

Our staff can take measurements from a worn tool and create a drawing for you, and can provide expert assistance with your tool design.

Canadian Tool offers complete tooling for all sizes and in the best materials available, including hardened tool steels, stainless steels, Inconel, and Hastelloy.

Our regular customers include manufacturers of electrical cable, plastic piping, medical tubing, fencing, and fiber optics. We also do custom applications.

We can provide emergency service across North America. Let us help you to reduce your down time.

For a quote on your next extrusion tooling or high-precision machining project, please contact Canadian Tool today.



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