We Solve Analytical Instrumentation Challenges

Wilson Analytical is run by chemists, for chemists, centered in solving the big problems surrounding analytical instrumentation for labs.

We bring design thinking to your lab, combining curiosity, awareness, collaboration of expertise and problem reframing to produce versatile, extensible, rugged and reliable analytical instruments that are easy to use. Because we know that you have work to do.

PhD, PChem, President, and Founder

Ken Schmidt

Ken Schmidt is an Alberta based Professional Chemist and entrepreneur. He completed his PhD in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Calgary in 1990. Over the last 25 years, he has worked with universities and the mining and energy industries to solve industry specific problems in sulfur chemistry, catalysis, ceramics, chemical vapour deposition (CVD) coatings and spectroscopy. His expertise is in industrial analytical chemistry, process laboratories for industry,
instrument design, manufacturing, sales and technical support.

He has been involved in several high tech start-ups, including Wilson Analytical (which he co-founded in 2003). He is also President of Canadian Tool, a Montreal firm specializing in machining and manufacturing. Ken's key role at Wilson is technical development and customer relations.

BSc, PChem, Vice-President, and Founder

Kathy Janzen

Kathy Janzen is a Professional Chemist with twenty-five years of experience with the RCMP as a forensic scientist, followed by two years as one of the principles of the analytical services side of Wilson Analytical. She was also involved in several high tech start-ups, and worked with entrepreneurs at the Northern Alberta Business Incubator

Kathy served 10 years as the Executive Director of the Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta (ACPA) and was also the former council chair of the Federation of Canada’s Professional Chemists.
Kathy's main role with Wilson is financial and strategic planning, sales, and human resources. Together, Ken and Kathy make all company business decisions.

BSc, PEng, Senior Engineer

Murray D. Paulson

Murray Paulson holds a degree in Physics (1975) and a second degree in Engineering Physics (1985) from the University of Alberta. Over the years Murray has developed expertise in laser technology, microfluidics,
prototype machining, optical design, and optical detection systems. His name is well known in the circuit of high-tech companies in Edmonton as he has been involved with many of them. [Alberta Bio Photonics, AIMS, Big Bangwidth, Boreal Laser, DETEX, Dycor Technologies, Micralyne, Optilume, Scanimetrics, Synodon].

Murray Paulson is very good at inventing methods, technology, and instrumentation to meet a task. His diverse interests from circuit design, optical design and mechanical design give him a unique vantage point for high tech solutions.

  • Jonathan Backs

    PhD, Engineering Scientist

    Research, Equipment Design, and Product Development

  • Brian Markley

    PEng Electrical Engineer, RSE Journeyman Electrician

    Electronic Design, Programming, Troubleshooting

  • Doris Reeve

    Bookkeeping and Administration