Testing Hops

Using the Open Platform System (OPS) to test hops is optimal in early research as the various configurations allow for numerous tests. The following three tests were performed on Hops using the OPS.

Figure 1. Fluorescence measurement of a Hops pellet using the solid sampler on the OPS.

Figure 2. NIR transmission measurement of Hops dissolved in isopropyl alcohol using the cuvette holder on the OPS.

Figure 3. Fluorescent measurement of Hops heated in distilled water using the Cuvette holder on the OPS.

  • Accurate & Sensitive

    Capable of detecting ppm levels.

  • Ease of Sampling

    Sample preparation as easy as filtration and dilution

  • Rugged, yet Affordable

    Rugged, budget friendly, lab quality measurement systems.

Testing Leaves for Harvest

Wilson’s Open Platform System (OPS) allows for easy measurements of solids at a reasonable price. By attaching the solid sample to the baseplate, the OPS can be used to measure the fluorescence in leaves to predict time of harvest.

Figure 1. Fluorescence measurements comparing healthy, dying and dead leaves using the solid sampler on the OPS.