Industry Events

Are we jointly attend industry events? We invite you to arrange a meeting and see how our instrumentation can optimize your lab. Using fluorescence to update hplc and chloroform extraction methods for corrosion inhibitor residuals is just one application of many that our products can handle.

WBPC | May 2-3, 2023 | Exhibiting Booth 108  in  Regina, SK

This year's Williston Basin Petroleum Conference will feature the Saskatchewan Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) Summit, with special sessions on CCUS, which has become a crucial part of Canada's GHG mitigation strategy. Wilson Analytical will be featuring live LabBox demonstrations, offering improvements over hplc and chloroform extraction for corrosion inhibitor residuals at Booth 108. 

AMPP Annual Conference + Expo | March 19-23, 2023 | Exhibiting Booth 867 in  Denver, Co

The Association for Materials Protection and Performance-AMPP is a 5-day conference joining the former CORROSION and Coatings+ events into AMPP Annual Conference + Expo. Wilson Analytical will be featuring live LabBox demonstrations, offering improvements over hplc and chloroform extraction for corrosion inhibitor residuals at Booth 867. 

Wilson Analytical in the News

Technology Alberta ICE Series

The ICE Events Series is produced by Technology Alberta and the ASTech Awards to share the work of Alberta tech companies and innovation champions while connecting Alberta talent. On March 17, 2023 Wilson Analytical featured as Entrepreneur co-hosts. A 2022 ASTech-Award-winning Entrepreneur, Wilson Analytical provided a facility tour and participated in a discussion panel alongside Rainforest, NABI (Northern Alberta Business Incubator) and the City of St. Albert as co-hosts. The event was very well attended by our local innovation community of Tech Companies, Job Seekers, Service Providers and Community Builders.

ASTech Awards Recipients

ASTech Regional Innovation Award 2022

Wilson Analytical was proud to accept the Regional Innovation Award from ASTech Awards on November 4, 2022.




(CTE; Montreal, QC) has an excellent, long standing relationship with Wilson Analytical, and provides design and machining support for Wilson projects. The company was founded in 1943, and has an excellent reputation for high precision work in difficult to machine materials such as corrosion resistant alloys.


Howard Suissa
OCAD University

Founder of Suissa Design, Howard works with Wilson Analytical to assist with industrial design for Wilson instruments. Howard has three degrees in industrial design, and over 15 years’ experience in the field.


John Crabtree
PhD, PChem, PMP (Project Management Professional)

John is an analytical chemist by training and an entrepreneur by nature. He has over 20 years of experience in research and development, from academic research and industry R&D to product commercialization and management of product lines. His technical expertise is in microfluidics and analytical chemistry, especially separation technologies.

John is a big picture person who can connect science with business opportunities. His company – HJC Consulting – focuses on developing products in the biotechnology, environmental and industrial fields from concept to launch. John was the Director of Research and Development at Micralyne Inc., Director of Quality Assurance at Metabolistics Inc. and is currently President of HJC Consulting.


XploSafe is revolutionizing the screening (several days to weeks) for chemical vapor exposures including hazardous gases, volatile and semi-volatile organics with advanced breakthroughs in diffusive sampling technology. Their proprietary “Vapor nanoconfinement technology” enables high capacity absorption, stabilization & consistent analysis of the widest range of compounds (over hundreds of analytes) through non-invasive, wearable passive dosimeters (badges) that can be stored indefinitely until analysis is required.

It serves a wide range of personnel ranging from industrial (oil refineries, chemical plants, food plants etc.), healthcare (hospitals, dental offices, clinic etc.) and consumer (funeral homes, dry cleaners, firemen, agricultural workers etc.) markets that are mandated by occupational safety and health organizations such as OSHA, NIOSH, JCAHO to monitor and protect undesired chemical exposures during their normal course of work.