Lab Quality Rugged Raman System

Raman One

The Raman One is a uniquely designed Raman spectrometer that provides
laboratory quality analytical data. The system is built with the rugged
high-quality construction you expect from Wilson and features a variety
of sampling accessories that makes using it super easy.

Choose your sample holder based on your sample type: liquids, pellets, powders, capillary tubes, or solid sample spinner.

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Anodized or powder - coated aluminum external surfaces to resist spills and damage

  • Class 1 laser enclosure with a double magnetic interlocked lid that turns the laser off when the lid is open
  • Built-in neon lamp for wavelength calibration
  • Video microscope (60x magnification) for aligning sample with the laser on
  • 2 MP microscope camera for recording stills and videos of samples
  • Cylindrical collection lens in the detector for enhanced spectrometer sensitivity
  • Solid sample versatility – solids can be run as
    disks, pressed pellets, microscope slides, powders in capillary tubes,
    or spinning pressed rings
  • Sample spinner (for running coloured or temperature-sensitive solid samples at higher laser powers without burning the sample)
  • IPS 785 nm laser with 20 - 435 mW power (other laser wavelengths are available)
  • Ibsen Freedom mini-Raman FCT-101 spectrometer
    with a 475 – 1100 nm wavelength range, 0.6 nm resolution, and a
    Hamamatsu S11639-01 detector (other spectrometers are available)

What's Included

  • 110V or 220V power supply and power cable
  • USB connecting cable
  • Spectragryph Raman software – full spectral manipulation and library searching


  • Capillary/pellet holder
  • Cuvette holder
  • Solid sample spinner
  • Solid sample spinners (front) and pressing die (rear) for loading samples

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Wilson Analytical warranties its instruments to be free of defects
due to manufacturing or workmanship for twelve months from the date of
shipping. The warranty covers normal usage, but not damage due to things
like dropping the instrument or immersing it in water. The warranty is
also invalidated if the user attempts internal repairs of any kind.

An extended warranty is available with purchase of any Wilson instrument.